Finishing some handspun yarn

After being down with a nasty cold most of this week, I got a little energy back today and decided to deal with some of the yarn I’ve spun but have not yet finished. I really have been in the mood to do some more spinning, but I’ve been dragging my feet on winding up the yarn I’ve already made, and I sorta told myself I would have to straighten that out before I start anything new.

So, I’ve got a two-ply made of some kind of, uh, wool, but I don’t know what kind, because I can’t find the tag that came with it. It’s from the Hello Yarn fiber club, and it’s very nice, and what I do know is that it’s probably not Corriedale, because that’s what the next month’s wool was. Anyway. Here it is going into the bath. One ply is spun in the original variegated dark blue and gold colorway, and the other ply done in just the dark blue.

The second yarn is a single ply mulberry silk and merino blend that I picked up at last year’s Black Sheep Gathering as a treat. It was lovely to spin, but the silk made it so soft that it came apart on me a few times while spinning. It was my first time spinning anything with silk in it, so chalk it up to learning. Everything seemed okay when I was winding it into a skein, though. I have enough of this to make something small, a little cowl or hat or maybe fingerless mitts. I spun it to spin it, but I’ll figure out something to knit with it. I love the colors on it so much — it’s too lovely to waste.

#FiberArts 🧶

dark blue and gold two-ply handspun yarn going into soapy waterclose up of silky looking pink, spring green, and yellow handspun yarn

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